Tuesday, May 10, 2005

From the New York Times

From the NY Times, May 10:

On "Adult Swim," for example, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" follows the dysfunctional relationship of a lazy milkshake, a childish meatball and a fatherly order of fries.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just because I can

This blog is really going to have nothing worth reading, I'm blogging because right now at work there are things I should be typing, which I am not typing, but I'd like it to appear as though I am hard at work. Appearing to be hard at work is sometimes as important as being hard at work, especially because no one works hard all the time. Most of us, I'd say, work only 45% of the time in life, and I think employers know this. When I sit here doing something like this, I consider that I'm on retainer in the event that the phone rings, or a heart attack grips someone in the office, and the knowledge of first aid I've gleaned from seeing a few minutes of ER while waiting for something else to come on will come in handy. I like being on retainer.

Well, today I talked with Kate a lot, and when I get the chance to do that I always consider myself lucky. We yammered on about a bunch of things, I think both of us are pretty jittery about her move, and perhaps a few other tricks I've got up my sleeve. Well, not sleeve, cause I'm wearing a mesh tank top, but, proverbial sleeve.

Please pray for my Grandma, she is 86 and broke her neck falling down the stairs.

Ok, well, I think I might be in the clear, and I may just mosey on outta here early. Well, not early, I should technically leave at five, but today I got here at 10:30 rather than nine, so 5 is early. However, no one knows I got here so late!

Ok, well, adios

Monday, April 25, 2005


I've discovered the problem with blogging. I blogged today, for the first time in a long time. And all day, rather than be productive (which I wasn't, I may as well have had the day off) I checked my blog to see if anyone had commented, and the blogs of others, to see if they had read and referenced my blog. Blogging is addictive, its a social addiction! Wow. I'm not gonna stop until I burn out, my body twitching and contorting for just the one hit I need to get straight, but it's neat to see that this is addictive. It's like being a smoker again without the...smoke. Does anyone else have thoughts on the addictive properties of blog?

It was exciting to get a comment from someone other than Tim, Dan, or Sean, thanks Francesca for being a fan. Thanks for the pressure to be funny. The well will probably dry up now.

Well, time to go home!

been a while, but I was in Frisco with a man

Well, I haven't blogged, in, well, since those two times I've blogged before. I tried a few times to give menaingful accounts, of, for example, April 9th's trip to Steubenville, or my interesting Philly Fiasco last weekend, but, to no avail. I find that I am frequently very tired, as I've communicated before, and so when I blog, first of all, cynicism reigns supreme, and secondly, I end up doing something wrong and not getting the damn thing posted.

Well not today. Today I'll do it right. Because I am returning from an amazing weekend in Frisco with a man. Tim Hurley. Obviously, and please, I pray to God its obvious, I'm not talking about what you're thinking about, but, I did have a really neat weekend with Tim.

I went out to Frisco cause I was asked to give a talk at a pro-life conference at Stanford University. The talk was supposed to be called "John Paul II and the Culture of Life" and I had no idea what to expect, because, frankly, it was at Stanford. However, the conference was actually pretty neat, or at least what I saw of it. The guy that invited me was this cool Kenyan named Kevin Kambo who was nice and clearly enjoyed palling around, and making less than appropriate jokes, with Tim and I. At any rate, about 40 people came to my talk, where I just yapped on about phenomonolgy and personalism, making up the talk as I went along, but on the whole, I think, covering JPII's ideas about the culture of life and the culture of death. People seemed to get a lot out of it, even Tim, who, always encouraging, told me it was one of the best spritual talks he's heard in a while. That was a great compliment. Others said thank you as well, and that they learned something, so, I guess the Holy Spirit works in me by having me just wing things. Not a bad gig.

Well, we blew outta the conference after our talk because I'm on in Frisco once, and I wanted to see Tim's town. After a brief tour of San Fran itself, including a stop at Fisherman's Wharf and seeing a neighborhood that can only rightly be described as gaysville, we went to Pacifica.

Pacfica is located on historic route 1, and it is truly indescribable. The drive there takes you along twisty roads through the mountains, which abut the sea violently but beautifully. Rock formations protrude from the water of the coast and are the breaking point for rolling waves coming in from truly the darkest, most formidable, and eerily beautiful sea you will ever see. Pacifica itself is nestled in a valley between those green mountains and the sea. It is apart from the world, surrounded by God’s own barriers in such a way that one might forget he is only 30 minutes from Soddom and the wharf. I felt blessed to be there.

Tim and I walked along the beach in a nature preserve, and could see seals sunning themselves along the rock shelf which formed a natural lagoon in which some of the dove for fish. There were all kinds of sea creatures along the smooth rock formations not covered by the tide, and the protected lagoon seemed to be a safe harbor from the violent waves which crashed along its edge. That is why sea life flourished there.

Tim’s family was great, I felt at home in their home. His mom made a “fudgy cake” and debated with about Mosaic authorship of the Pentatuech. I’d like to think I won.

It was nice to spend time with Tim. It felt as though only ten minutes had passed since the last time we spent time together, nearly a year ago. We had lifetime, etc, and because Sean wasn’t there Tim wasn’t running games on me, so I got to talk with him. His expertise and knowledge of sales is really impressive, and I think he must be blowing away the higher-ups at his job. He doesn’t like it, but he is a great salesman, as anyone who’s ever showered with a broom can tell you, and I think if he sticks with this, which I hope he doesn’t, he’ll do well. However, I think he wants to do more.

All in all, a great weekend. I feel recharged and refreshed, as being somewhere beautiful often does. However, its Monday, and I’m at work, so I’m sure I’ll be complaining within the next ten minutes.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Lo siento, mea cupla, whatever

Well, I haven't done this (laid in my bed eating peas and blogging) in a while cause I havent been in my bed. I travel for work a lot. I'm sorry. Gorby, im sorry. dont be mad, cause i said be glad. tomorrow i'll blog. tonight i sleep. my life is tiring. and i sleep in my own mess.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blogging is already dissapointing

My blog begins on a dour note, though perhaps for me this is appropriate. I've always had a dour streak. Why, dear reader (if you are reading this at all) does my blog fail to start with fanfare, or at least the seemingly obligatory "so this is blogging" kind of posting that begins most web postings?


Twice now I have written witty posts, complete with linked, though sublte, references to David Sedaris and the National Review, all cunningly designed to demonstrate my humble, yet haute, sophistication and literary panache!

And, sadly, though completely unsurprisingly, my own idiocy deleted them. My ingeniously crafted seductions of you, my potential reader, my target, were destroyed not through some computer error but through my own idiocy!

I've only got a blog because Danno and Gorby have got them, and I hoped to keep up with the Jones', or, in this case, the Hrjkdfksdfsdfmsrs' and the, well, I was going to try to create a super Italian sounding name, but I realized D'Agostino is as fresh off the boat as you can get. And Gorby, that is my earnest attempt at spelling your silly Slavic name.

So, this is blogging...

With that said I feel so deliciously tech, like at any moment an ipod might materialize in my hands and I might be wearing clean underwear. Or, well, any underwear. Or pants. Incidentally, I blog at work.